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Art Program


Spotlight on art

In the pastel pictures entitled: Cities around the World"; the ACA Artists have chosen their favorite cities to present God's glory in sunrise and sunset.


ACA artists are as busy as Santa's elves making ornaments.

Learning about Van Gogh's life and death inspired the ACA artists to make their own Starry Nights in oil pastel. November 2018

ACA artist have handmade stocking stuffers find them in the Christmas Shop at the auction on November 9th. There will also be handmade placemats on the dinner tables that can be purchased!

"It's never to young to get into STEAM" Kindergarten's  'Where the wild things are' shape drawings of Max as a monster. 

We have our first completed art works of the new school year! A student's portfolio is a large folder to keep pictures in all year.  The portfolios are reviewed in the spring for art show selections.  The covers are artist choice drawings in full color.  The middle and high school elective classes work 4 days a week on their pictures.  Here are a few nicely finished portfolio designs.