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Uniform Information

Tip Tops in Eustis is our new uniform supplier! 
The ACA Front Office has sample sizes of the school approved polos if you need to see what your child can fit in. You can order directly by clicking on this link: OR visiting/calling Tip Tops directly. See their contact information below. 
**Purchasing 4 weeks prior to school starting is highly recommended.
**Top Tops does not sell uniform bottoms.  Uniform bottoms should be black, khaki, or navy blue.  Please see dress code below for the style of uniform bottoms.
Tip Tops of America, Inc. |  100 S Bay St, Eustis, FL 32726   |  (352) 357-9559

2018-2019 School Supplies

The Elementary Teachers (K5-5th) are requesting a school supply fee and would like to purchase the bulk of their supplies for the students.  This fee can be paid during the summer so that the teacher can get ready for the start of school, August 13th!  You can print a copy of the school supply list under the forms tab.

$20.00 per student
1 box of Kleenex
1 package of baby wipes
1 bottle of hand sanitizer

1st & 2nd Grade
$25.00 per student
1 box of Kleenex
1 package of baby wipes
1 bottle of hand sanitizer

3rd Grade
$25.00 per student
1 NIV Bible - hard covered will last
1 box of Kleenex
1 package of baby wipes
1 bottle of hand sanitizer

4th Grade
$25.00 per student
1 box of Kleenex
1 package of baby wipes
1 bottle of hand sanitizer

5th Grade
$25.00 per student
1 trapper keeper
student planner/agenda
1 box of Kleenex
1 package of baby wipes
1 bottle of hand sanitizer

All Middle and High school students –
1 box Kleenex
1 bottle hand sanitizer
1 container of Clorox/Lysol wipes
1 roll paper towels
1 pack of dry erase markers
2 packs lined notebook paper
#2 pencils
Pencil top erasers
2-3 highlighters
Colored pencils
1 notebook
Pens-blue or black
Glue stick
Student planner/agenda

Middle School History
1½” binder
tab dividers
2 pocket folders with brads 
Package of washable markers, i.e. Crayola
2 medium sized permanent markers
Pencil pouch

Middle School English
2-  3 prong folders

*Those students that will be in Mr. Kreutzer’s 8th grade English will need a 1” binder- you will get your schedule Orientation night (Thursday, August 9th)

**7th grade only-300 writing prompts journal (found online or anywhere books are sold)

Middle School Math
1 folder with pockets
Calculator with +/- button (Dollar Store has a silver one for $2.00)

Middle School Science
Pencil top erasers
3-4 fine tip expo markers (for student use)
1” binder
3-5 tab dividers
1 three-hole punched pocket folder

High School History
2” binder

High School English
1” binder

High School Math
Scientific calculator

High School Science
1½” binder
Pens- at least 3 assorted colors
Highlighters- at least 3 assorted colors

Dress Code Policy


The Administrator or designee has the final authority for determining if a student’s apparel conforms to the dress code.   When it is determined that the apparel is inappropriate, parents/guardians will be asked to bring clothing to the school which will conform to Adventure Christian Academy’s Dress Code.

Students have a responsibility to be dressed and groomed in a manner consistent with the Academy’s dress code below.  Adventure Christian Academy believes that appropriate dress and appearance inspires and encourages students to understand the importance placed on their educational environment.  Therefore, uniforms are a part of ACA’s daily dress code.  There will be times when students will be allowed a Christian t-shirt day – these days will be announced periodically throughout the school year.

  • All students must wear the uniform shirts provided by Tip Tops, 100 S. Bay St, Eustis, FL 32726 (352) 357-9559
  • Required dress for all students on Chapel day is uniform bottoms (skirt, shorts or slacks) with the designated chapel t-shirt. 
  • No joggers or other pants that have elastic at the ankle.
  • When pants have belt loops, belts are required.
  • When sweaters or jackets are needed, they must be removed during Chapel time.
  • All hooded sweatshirts must have zippers or buttonsNo pullover hoodies are permitted unless they are from the Company Apparel store with the ACA Knights logo.
  • Student name should be written on the inside of uniforms using permanent marker to aid in correct return if students misplace them at the school.
  • No tattoos or body markings are permitted.  If your student already has a tattoo or body markings, they MUST be kept covered during the school day.  Student will be required to cover any exposed markings before being allowed on campus.
  • For safety purposes, no sandals, flip-flops, heels, slides, or clogs are permitted.
  • Overall, ACA is seeking a neat and clean appearance. Anything judged to distract or disrupt students will not be permitted.

PE- Grades 6th -12th

  • All middle and high school students shall be required to wear PE uniform as prescribed by the Academy and available through Tip Tops.
  •  Students must wear athletic shoes for all PE classes or participation in sports.

Free Dress Days

  • Clothing needs to still follow the dress code- no tight clothing


  • Belts are required and must be worn when uniform shorts and pants have belt loops.  All shirts must be tucked in and belts must be visible. (Kindergarten students are not required to wear a belt).  Boys not wearing a belt will need to borrow one for the day. 
  • Long hair is not permitted or bangs covering the eyes or no longer than mid ear length on the sides.
  • Any unnaturally dyed hair is not acceptable.  Student will not be admitted into class until is it restored to a natural color.
  • Special hair styles such as: Mohawks, tails, dreadlocks, cornrows or braids, or shaved designs are not permitted.
  • All hair must be close to head and neatly trimmed above the collar and around the ears
  • No beards or mustaches – 12th grade students may have neatly trimmed facial hair.
  • No Earrings or other body piercings are permitted.
  • No nail polish
  • No hats/visors are permitted to be worn during school hours or in extended care.  Hats/visors worn to school must be removed when indoors.


  • Any uniform shorts, skorts, and dresses must be knee length.
  • When uniform bottoms have belt loops, a belt is required.
  • Uniform shirts must be neat in appearance and must be tucked in – unless shirt is a fitted uniform chapel shirt that is designed to be worn untucked.  Only shirts designed to be worn untucked may be worn untucked.
  • Middle and high school girls may not wear excessive make-up or lipstick
  • Elementary girls may not wear any make-up
  • Hair colors must be natural. Highlights must also be a natural color. Any unnaturally dyed hair is not accepted. Student will not be admitted into class until it is restored to a natural color
  • May not wear more than two-hole pierced earrings; No long dangle earrings will be allowed
  • Body piercing is not permitted
  • No hats/visors are permitted to be worn during school hours or in after care.  Hats/visors worn to school must be removed when indoors.


  • Students may wear: Flat heeled shoes, boat or deck shoes; or sneakers of any color.
  • Flip-flops, crocs, slides, slippers are not acceptable footwear.
  • Any other type of shoe need to be approved by the school office.
  • Cowboy boots can only be worn on free dress days


You will find the following items on the menu to the left. 

  • Directions on How to Access RenWeb and Direct Link Access
  • Information on our Classroom Video Cams
*Please Note: These valuable tools will be updated continually to aid you with information to keep up to date with your student's academic career here at ACA. We ask for your patience through this process. Thank you!



2018-2019 Tuition & other payments

To make your tuition, and other payments, please go to the payments section on the left hand menu. The link to the payment schedule is below.


2018-2019 Enrollment Information

You can find the 2018-2019 Enrollment Contract under forms on the left hand menu.

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